EarthTime 5.12.1 crack + patch 2018 with Real Work

EarthTime clock 2018 is a Windows tool used for shows the local time for any location in the world that easy-to-use, with the help of a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

In fact, this app interface is actually a map of the world that is showing the position of any configured location, with information such as city and country, local time, day and date.

All over the world, you see the Earth at both day and night through the EarthTime comprises a database of more than 3000 cities.

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Features of EarthTime

In this feature you can configure new locations is as easy as pie because you only need to find the country and the city you’re looking for. If you want more than one city to tracking, the EarthTime Now allows you to set up a list of the cities to track, along with the text to display in the main window. It is another feature of the tool is that to be performed in the main window addressed to those with a bit more computer knowledge concerns the left, right and double-click actions, as the program prompts users to provide the command-line and the parameters for each option.

Last but not least, EarthTime software also features an alarm tool for each configured city that enables you to set up alarms. All options that are available in EarthTime include time, date and weekday, with the possibility to play a sound or display a message at the configured time.

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Testing its performance

EarthTime nasa is far from being a resource hog and, what’s more, it works like a charm on all Windows versions. EarthTime is more benefit is that it has absolutely no problem to run on 64-bit versions of the operating system.

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After seeing all features and characteristics, EarthTime is a great way to see local time for any location of cities from all over the world. It has most of the things with different features that you’d expect from this kind of app, including a smart interface and you can customize the options and a large database of all cities from anywhere in the world.


  • 1 MB of free hard-disk space
  • The date and time must be correct
  • The timezone must be set correctly
  • Automatic adjustment of the clock

How to Install:

1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). That’s all, Done & enjoy.

Download EarthTime 2018 + patch

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